Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Riding Into The Sunset

I have received lots of e-mails over the last 21 months asking for entries about my latest biking adventures. The truth was, family and work commitments had increased tremendously that my biking days had to take a backseat for the interim period. In fact, the only biking that I get to do these days was with my youngest son, who loved to ride pillion on my scooter as we go for spins around the housing estates. Other than that, I hardly get to go for bike rides.

Of course, there's still the biker element in me, so I don't discount the fact that one day, I may just splurge some monies on another bike and re-activate this blog of mine again. But for the interim period, the biker soul in me will ride into the sunset and reminisce on the biking adventures of the past.

To my readers whom still ride regularly, do ride safe and let the good times roll...

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

19/11/2014 : Scooter Servicing Works - 3rd Oil Change @ 9,224 km

I had planned to do an oil servicing on Whiplash in September, but when I got to my regular mechanic's place, there were a no. of bikes already there so I thought that I would do it on another day.

And it so happened that I was informed to pick up some stuff there today (but I need to drive the car then), so I then thought perhaps I could do the scooter servicing instead. And lo and behold, when I got there, there was no other bikes around.

My mechanic was not around, but his partner was and greeted me immediately. He told me that business was normally slow around mid-month for them; but would pick up after salary day at the end of the month.

I asked if it was possible to do a servicing then, and he immediately got to work. And I couldn't have timed my entrance better, for as soon as he was draining the oil in the scooter, another 6 super bikes came around and had to queue up for the works.

So, one bottle of fully-synthetic oil (RM54) later, my scooter was good to go. Next servicing was in another 4,000 km i.e. at 13,244 km .

And boy does Whiplash felt more eager to accelerate after the oil change. Wheee...

Monday, 17 November 2014

NST COTY 2014 : Best Showgirl of NST COTY 2014

As with any cars and bikes exhibitions, there were plenty of beautiful showgirls adorning the lean mean machines to capture one's attention. Me? Well, I was more interested in the rides than the girls (my wife reads my blog entry sometimes), so I didn't take any photos of the showgirls...

Except for this lady here. Well, unlike the others whom was friendly and smiling to all and sundry, I observed that she had quite a character of her own. She rode astride the Kawasaki and was able to have the bike matched her, instead of the other way round.

Truly a bike chick through and through.

Well, here's to you - I would think that you shone during NST COTY 2014. If I was a judge for the best showgirl of the show, you would be the winner in my books.

So lads, enjoy the eye candy...

NST COTY 2014 : Other Exemplary Makes

Enjoy these pictures of other rides that interested me during my visit to NST COTY 2014. I was especially amazed that the Ducati Multistrada CKD (RM89k) was a light and low bike, such that it should be a rather confidence-inspiring ride. Definitely worth consideration for the biker whom was prepared to spend big monies on a nice Italian bike.

NST COTY 2014 : Aprilia Shiver 750 CBU

Another naked bike that caught my eye was the Aprilia Shiver 750 CBU. Aprilia was famous for its over-engineered frame and this Siver 750 CBU looked the part. Steel-braided brake hoses, 3-programme selections (Rain, Touring, Sports), etc - this bike came with a host of extras and at a low asking price of circa RM41k - RM45k (again, depends on your negotiation skills at the dealers).

I rode astride the Shiver 750 CBU and I noted that it felt light, and low such that my feet could touched the ground easily. This could be a fairly good entry bike for a beginner whom was moving towards middleweight bikes.

And with news of Shiver 750 CKD bikes in the pipeline and probably around the region RM30k - RM35k (unverified), don't be surprised if you see more Aprilia Siver 750 bikes flooding the streets of Malaysia in the near future.

NST COTY 2014 : Kawasaki Z800 Gianeli and Z1000

I also took the time to ride astride the Z800 and Z1000 during the exhibition. From the short stint, I could confirmed that the Z1000 was lighter than the Z800, due to better and lighter frame (amongst others) but also at a higher price tag, of course.

The Z800 was still Kawasaki's best-selling middleweight bike and was under promotion till end of this year, with free Gianelli Italy slip-on exhaust and Z800 engine protectors. All this and in the form of a modern inline-four engine, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a more value-for-monies bike in the price bracket of RM48k - RM50k (depends on your negotiating skills at dealers).

Despite the bike's hefty weight, I must say that I was still a fan of the Z800 and may just choose to add this as my next bike into my stable. Hmmm...

NST COTY 2014 : Kawasaki ER6-f

We all know that the Malaysian police force (PDRM) purchased Kawasaki Ninja 250R and converted them for police work.

Well, during the COTY, I saw the 2010 and 2012 Kawasaki ER6-f that were converted as police assistance bikes used on toll roads. Given the touring capabilities of these bikes, an aplt application and selection then.

And here's my old Green Hornet in all its glory...